I went on a 16-day working vacation in Boston from March 23,2001 to April 8, 2001.


This shot was taken at Boston Kung Fu Tai Club in Boston, MA.

Check back once in a while as I continue to expand and edit the text, add separate pages for NYC and Boston scenes and pick more representative pictures.

I went to Boston to see my brothers Darrin, Dana & Doug from March 23-April 8, 2001. Darrin was shooting an independent feature film called "Edge of Darkness". I was there for moral (and physical and technical) support. I had a ton of fun despite the typical 18 hour days. I also took a trip down to NYC. I had not been there since '82 and I wanted to see how much it had changed.

 It will take a while to load. Some of the pictures are 1600X1200 pixels and 1.4 MB. I am displaying them at 400Xwhatever pixels. I am going to resize everything later.

Right now, it is basically a dump of my calendar entries with a few pictures but you'll get the idea. It is a total of  6MB total right now. I will clean it up later.

I shot almost 1000 digital shots and 200 35mm shots. I am going to clean out the junk and use Photo Jam to create a slide show with music and put it on CD which I will send to everyone. It will take a while to get it all done but I am hoping to finish in the next week or two.

I cleaned up the page and resized the images. I knocked 5MB+ off the picture total download size down to 813K. It should be much faster now!

Arrived in Boston on time at 1000. Took a cab to Darrin's place. Got there around 1100. Installed Windows ME on his PC. Upgraded Darrin's system to Windows ME. Installed Movie Maker on laptop; no way to get floppy to read. Called Tammy, Aimee, and left a voice mail for Stephanie to tell her I needed the floppy after all. Installed JumpShot drivers on Darrin's PC. Played MP3 files from CDROM ; Windows Media Player working fine. Verified I could read images from compact flash on Darrin's PC via Jump Flash connected via USB. Upped the resolution on Darrin's PC to 1024X768

Darrin is on the phone with someone every 15 minutes. He is trying to tie down several items with several people every fifteen minutes or so. We went to Starbucks to get some juice to get us going. Darrin picked up some Chinese Tea for use on the set. It was nice knowing the neighborhood. I had walked the streets before. I recognized where Dana lives and I now know where John Tasse lives.

Technically speaking, we are trying to get as much information as we can on as many systems as we can. Darrin's phone line is down. Neither of us can get to the net to make communications possible between the systems. I explained to Darrin that I need to know when I have access to a phone line and power. The more often we have them, the longer the batteries will last. We are listening to the Ed Woods soundtrack.

Started putting appointments and tasks into MP800. Both for me and Darrin. Met Darrin's roommate George. Met Alfred for the first time. Darrin had not seen him in a while. He reviewed upcoming events for the movie. He asked Darrin about the twins. Discussed Alfred's schedule. He is set to be in the scene at the Karma Club on Tuesday. Call for crew at 1200-0000. Alfred is supposed to be there at 1400.

Picture 10-14 is of the henchmen from the gambling den were watching their first run through on videotape. Picture 16 is Jay and Carl discussing the Ray's Gym scene [127] .Picture 18 is of Buddha pleading for his life after girlfriend was released. Picture 19 is the next run, when the girlfriend was released. Pic20 is same. Pic21 is after "washing dishes" mispronunciation. Jay and Buddha both went through this during a couple of takes.

We got home around 0045. We ate dinner. I transferred all shots to Darrin's PC. The images I shot on the 4MB RAM have some of the same file numbers. I had to create an "EOD Day One 2" directory for the those remaining shots. I loaded all pictures shot tonight into Windows movie maker (WMM). We could never get WMM to save the movie we could save the layout. We rotated some images and rearranged the sequence somewhat. I do not think Darrin's PC has enough memory.

Day One

First walkthroughs with Assassin (Cung Le) killer, Derrick Wu (Jason Yee), Steve Maing the cameraman, Alan (stunt coordinator), Darrin and me for opening scene in gambling den. There was some discussion about slashing versus stabbing movements. Jay wants wide arcing slashing movement in the first long shot.

Jay, Joe, Darrin, Buddha aka Carl Williams (Mike Nurse), female lead Gina (Yuisa Perez), Detective Suarez (Joe Kelsey), Buddha's man (Hector) walked through scene where Derek and Gina is released. Buddha apologizes and offers $100K and partnership in a multi million dollar business. Derek refuses. We need to kill guy with briefcase of money.

Wrapped up for most people at 2215. Did several walkthrough scene where assassin tries to kill Buddha in Ray's Gym stairwell scene 127-128. Several shots were filmed. We discussed getting a VHS copy of what's been shot as soon as we can.

Remaining crew broke up at 2330. Stopped at Nan Ling for General Gao chicken and white rice.

SD801023 is of Cung and Joe reviewing action sequence in gambling den.

 Darrin coming through door to roof of club at 15 Lansdowne Street

USB Zip disk ...printed a picture from it. Shot some pictures from the fifth floor storage area on Lansdowne. Shot through dirty windows. Dana and Darrin said I could get up on that roof to get some good shots. I am going to come back with my 35mm.

Called Linda. It was nice talking to her. I sure do miss her and appreciate the fact that she let me come up here without complaint.

Went down to Lansdowne Street. Shot a lot of good images with digital camera.

Got a few shots of a nice 300M on Lansdowne. One of them with the right rear side of the 300M along with Fenway's Green Monster and the Prudential building in it is my favorite.

We actually got an early start. We left Darrin's place at 1145, 15 minutes ahead of schedule. We picked up the provisions from Jason's mom. We had to go pick up ice and water. We arrived at 1362 Babson for the first shoot at 1400.

It started snowing around 1600. It was nice to see it. By the end of the day, we had about 4 inches of snow.

Once that was done, we setup and shot Detectives Suarez (Joe Kelsey) and Detective Harris (Doug Marsden) and an extra investigating the murder scene. The girl that was using my camera was shooting like crazy and not even trying to get anything as far as I know. We shall see.

I took several pictures of the guys lying around as dead bodies. I felt bad for them. They were there for a couple of hours at least. Jeff's hands were blue gray. Alan was freezing.

We had to retrieve all of the pictures because I only have 16MB of compact flash. My memory won't be here until Tuesday.


The first scene we shot is of the henchmen in the gambling den getting killed. Several people ended up being quite late because they could not find the location. The garage was quite cold.

They went through the killing scene several times to get different angles of the scene. We had to make sure that everything was rest to it's original location between takes.

Karma Club on Tuesday. Call for crew at 1200-0000. George is supposed to be there at 1400.

I woke up at noon when Darrin got up. I got up myself at 1400. I arrived the Karma Club set at 1515. I took the T down to the set. Dana did get the package with my memory card and cables. Picture one is of art department touching up Jay's tattoo.

First scene (working out in elevator) was shot at 1620. Second scene setup began at 1630.

Picture 2 is of Darrin & Paula. Picture 3 - practicing work out with Thomas Braxton (Ray). Picture 17 is wide shot of scene. Picture 5 is Darrin & Jay before first scene. Picture 6 is first scene continuity shot. Picture 7 is first scene continuity shot. Picture 8 is Jay, Thomas and Cung practicing first scene. Picture 9 is Jay, Thomas practicing first scene. Picture 10 is Jay, Thomas practicing first scene. Picture 11 is Jay, Thomas practicing first scene, Steve Maing and Camera Shack crewmember. Picture 12 is Jay, Thomas practicing first scene, Steve Maing and Camera Shack crewmember; good shot of the Pain tattoo Jay's back. Shots 20-30 are of the Karma Club and Lansdowne street. 

I got my call at 1700. On break until 1800. Got my notes caught up. Grabbed a leather jacket from wardrobe for my scene. Found a Dale Earnhardt lighter in the pocket.

Emails for pictures of scene to Kenny (other muscle) kennycrn@hotmail.com from fight scene 

Blackbrucelee@aol.com - Thomas Braxton


First shooting of fight scene crowd. Just tight shots of Sanchez's girl rubbing on and talking to John Tasse. John and I are both in this scene. I am a bodyguard and John is drug dealer/bad guy. John looks slick in the long leather coat with a couple of nice looking women in the scene.

Rudi Ott - entered his first national championship and won the Super-middle weight title. Rudi has been undefeated nationally ever since. He is currently a U.S. Team member and ranked #1 by the W.K.F.

I tried reading both CF cards from today and neither would read on Dana's PC. Don't know what the problem is. I was able to view all of the pictures on Dana's TV. All shots look good. I cleared out a couple of the bad ones and rotated a few others. I installed Adobe PhotoDeluxe on Dana's PC. It has a decent autofix function.

Tried to read 64MB CF card on MP800. There was no problem (other than speed). Hooked up camera directly to PC and that seems to work best. I am importing the 53 images at 0215.

We broke for dinner at 1900.

We finally got back to shooting at 2030. We shot the rest of the fight club scene at 2300. Close-ups were included.

I hooked up with Dana through John Tasse around 2330. Popped back over to Karma to get my stuff. It was locked up in the van. Dana was gone. Had to call Dana on Brieana's cell phone.

Darrin and I ran a few errands today. We went to the Kung Fu school, Karen Yee's, Karma Club, and Film Shack. I met Robert Patton-Spruill while I was there. Called Linda. No answer. Left voice mail. 

We tried a couple of different options to print the B&Ws on Darrin's printer to no avail. They never looked  right. I am going to go to Kinko's first thing in the morning. I called it a night at 0130.

Finally remembered to call Stephanie to have her ship the floppy drive for the ThinkPad before she left for the day. I thought of it on other days but I never remembered during business hours. We could not find any place that had glossy photo paper after 2100 except Kinko's.

Shooting was scheduled from 1000-2200. Darrin and I left the house at 0830. Darrin dropped me off at Kinko's so I could print the B&W surveillance shots. Kinko's told us last night that they could handle Zip disks. Come to find out they only handle 100MB Zip disks. I had to go online and retrieve the drivers. That took about 15 minutes. It took a couple of tries for each image to get it to print the way it was showing up on screen. Total is $38.44; computer time was 80 minutes.

I took the T from Kenmore to Government Centre and walked to the school.

Jason was not pleased with Buddha's shots. Darrin called Buddha to have him come down so we could re-shoot the pictures. Met Josh Young. He is going to be killed in the limo scene. Took several shots. Jay was still not pleased. After about 6 shots, we got what Jay wanted. We are waiting for Brandon to get the last B&W shots so I can go to Kinko's to get everything printed.

Darrin needed to get the APS film roll developed because it had the "happier times" shot of Derek and Gina. I walked down to Ritz Camera for 1-hour developing. I dropped the film off at 1310. Supposed to be done between 1410-1430. I walked back to the school to wait for Brandon. As of 1415, no Brandon. I walked back down to Ritz camera and picked up the pictures. Cost was $13.64

Brandon showed up at 1530. I got about a half dozen shots. Unfortunately, it is not lunch time, so I will have to get the pictures printed sometime after lunch.

We left the school at 1630. Vin and I stopped by Dana's so I could copy the 3 images (Brandon, Buddha & Josh) to the zip drive. We then went to Kinko's to print 3 copies of the 3 pictures. Total cost was $20.37; computer time 14 minutes.

Got a couple of more email addresses:

Yuisa Perez - yuisa@musicamador.com

Brandon - papavo615@aol.com

Jason completed filming his jail scene at 1810. Final preparations on the dark room scene continued in earnest at this point. Jason did not like the direction the room was set up. He head them rearrange everything. While that was going on, the camera crew was setting up for the overhead shots. That took quite a while. Those scenes finished filming at 2045.

Camera and lighting set up in the dark room began at 2100.

Called and talked to Linda for about 15 minutes. She said she was feeling ill, but she is feeling better now. She said we got quite a bit of rain the last 24 hours with more rain forecast throughout the weekend.

Jason was the first American to medal at the First World Full-Contact Championships held in Beijing in 1991. Jason holds the true title of "All Around Champion" being the only American to win national championships in full-contact fighting, forms, and weapons. In 1993 Jason was inducted into Inside Kung-fu Magazine's Hall of Fame. This 2 time U.S. Team member is the 1994 W.K.F. Super-middle weight champion.

Woke up at noon today after going to bed around 0530. Dana's water was out. Had to go back to Darrin's to take a shower. It was raining a little when I left. By the time I got to Darrin's it was raining harder and the wind was picking up. Darrin got up around 1400. Lord knows what time he went to bed.

By 1500 when we left, the weather had turned completely nasty. Raining hard, blustery winds. Rain is coming down in sheets and it's in the 40s. My umbrella was turned inside out by the strong winds. We arrived on set a little before 1600. I am psyched that we are shooting inside today.

We shot multiple takes of the second scene (Derek breaks down) starting at 2115. Finished up with second scene at 2145 and began going through the next scene at 2145. We broke for lunch at 2230. We started back from lunch break at 2330.

It seemed like the first shots after lunch went quite well. Once things were setup, we went through several shootings of several scenes very quickly. Things slowed down a bit around 0130-0200. Tempers were getting a little frayed. Other than Cung, nothing was sustained or major, but people were making snide remarks and were obviously tired.

Jason cracked the whole set up when going through a rehearsal when we were shooting the close-ups for the fight in Ray's gym scene. He had Gina behind him and said "You run out when I run out" instead of "You run out when I attack". He went on for a second before he realized what he had said and everyone was cracking up by then.

We wrapped up at 0345. We got through a lot of good fight sequences tonight. Cung was pitching a fit about having to wait around so much. He bitched from about midnight on. There was quite a group standing in the immediate and a lot of bystanders heard the whole thing. They should have taken it to another room. That was not the time or the place for that conversation.

Darrin had to drive the crew truck. I had to drive the van when we left. We had had to give a jump start to Steve Maing. We left at 0445. We drove out the bonded location by the big dig at 0500 or later. We took some pictures while we were there.

I called a Linda at 0630 thinking it was Friday. It was actually Saturday. We talked for 15 minutes. I began transferring images at 0700. RPM2night was on. I finished loading the pictures at 0800. Dana and Brieana woke up at 0815. I watched the slideshow until 0820. I went to bed at 0830. I got up at 1400. Had not heard from Darrin, so I called him around 1545 and he had just woke up. We were heading out for lunch. Darrin called. I had to follow him over in the van to pickup and deliver the camera truck. 

There are quite a few people here today. Camera Shack crew on hand. Not as many people total as the Karma Club location, but close. We finally went through the first scene at Ray's Gym at 2030. Fourth and final take started at 2100.

Shots 21-28 are of Jason, Alan, Yao Li, and Hector walking through fight sequence. Shots 28-34 are of setting up for the first shot of the day. Shots 35-38 are continuity shots for the first shot of the day. 

Today we are supposed to shoot 6 scenes that take place in Ray's Gym. Jason Yee, Cung Le, Michael Nurse (Buddha), Master Yao Li (Yang) and Yuisa Perez (Gina) are the main cast in the scenes today. There are supposed to be 4 extras for bodyguards as well. Robert Patton-Spruill (Squeeze/Body Count) is on the set at the start of the day today as is Steve Fromkin (producer), 2nd Assistant Director Paula Bird.

We were stuck in heavy traffic. We arrived on set at 1745. Vin got me back to Darrin's at 1830. Darrin called and needs shots of dark room scene. Started emailing the pictures at 1930. I sent them to Li Yao: liyaowen@aol.com. 56K is slow. Pictures are 1.3 to 1.8 MB

Shots 1-8 are of various members of the crew setting up for the day.Shots 9-12 are of Cung Le, Alan (stunt coordinator) and Yao Li walking through fight sequence.

Sound guys showed up at 1700. As of 1830, setting up continues.

We left Doug's around noon. We got a good night's sleep before hitting the road. The trip was nice. I enjoyed riding in the truck and seeing what all Dana had done to the truck.

Me, Dana, and Brieana went to Brooklyn and Manhattan so I could get some good pictures. I shot almost 100 shots. Love the camera. It took some great shots. We shot several shots from Dana's truck while on the move. They came out pretty good.

I had to load my 35mm camera and shot another roll on the Manhattan side. I got a few good shots of a Chrysler 300M in Manhattan. Took some pictures along Fifth Avenue. Got a lot of good shots in Brooklyn including a Chrysler New Yorker in NY. My Canon AE1 35mm SLR camera would not close correctly. I am concerned that several shots we ruined. We shall see what comes out.

We started out in Brooklyn Heights. Brieana spent a few years when she was a child. We walked all over and got some great shots the Manhattan skyline. We walked right down to Brooklyn Bridge upright on the Brooklyn side. 

We ate dinner at Pizzeria Uno in Manhattan. I had the Rattlesnake Pasta, It was quite good. Had plenty for dinner later. We left there around 1900. I called Linda and talked to her for a while. We got back home around midnight or so. We downloaded pictures onto Dana's computer. We went to bed around 0230. My battery started dying after almost 200 shots.

If I recall correctly, I got up around 1630. Dana drove me to return the S100 to Ritz Camera at the Cambridge mall. We tried to return it at the store on Boylston but they were closed when we got there at 1930.

We picked up some 4X6 photo paper from Best Buy. We printed a few things on Dana's printer. He needs a better printer. It is only 720 DPI.

Dana and Brieana took me down to Weggie's Pub at 162 Lincoln in Chinatown. They had finished shooting the interior scenes when we got there. They started setting up for the exterior shots immediately. All seemed to go reasonably well on set today.

Shot all EOD pictures on 35mm. Did manage to get a few EOD shots with PDC700. Got quite a few shots with it on the trip home. I am surprised how well the images came out since I took them while I was driving without using the viewfinder. We had to drive in rush hour traffic again. I left Darrin's around 0700. I went to bed after copying images to Dana's PC around 1000.

Met Peter DiPietro (limo driver for Atlantic Limousine). The super stretched Lincoln limousine was the nicest I have been in. I was able to get in to warm up several times throughout the night. Peter and I talked quite a bit. He seems like a nice guy. He said the limo costs about $74K. I thought it was a reasonable price for such a nice ride. 

Locked the keys in the van. Guess I was a little tired. Close the locked door, then looked for the keys. Darrin had to call AAA.Tara locked the keys in the van. We had to call AAA again. Got a couple of shots of the guy breaking into the van. Seems like a common occurrence now.

Slept until 1630. Filled a total of 2 1/2 250MB Zip disks with pictures. May need another. Printed a few on Dana's computer. He has a 720DPI printer. Told him he could get a 1440DPI for $100.

Emails for pictures of scene to Kenny (other muscle) kennycrn@hotmail.com from fight scene ; picture was d:\eod second day of shooting - Karma Club\Fight club scene 35. 

Emails for pictures of scene to Thomas Braxton blackbrucelee@aol.com from fight scene ; picture was d:\eod second day of shooting - Karma Club\Braxton Cung & Alan 53.jpg. I could not send them via hotmail because they were bigger than 1MB.

Fixed Dana's dialing properties so we could get online. Ran into Danny in IM. Nice talking to him. Wished him a belated birthday. He is having computer problems with Dick's computer.


Did laundry. Showed Darrin pictures from NYC. Showed him EOD pictures he had not seen. Copied some files from his PC that I did not have on Zip disk yet. Copied some files to his PC from Zip disk that he did not have on yet. Saw Lars. It had been a while and I did not recognize him. Showed him a couple of days worth of pictures. It was good seeing him for a while. Rearranged computer bag and camera bag. Charging batteries for the PDC700. It took a couple of pictures today consecutively. Then the batteries ran out. Hope it works or all remaining shots will have to be 35MM. Need to get NYC 35mm rolls developed.

I took a couple of pictures of "The Parting Stone - 1744 - P Dudley". 

The first concrete evidence we can find of the post road's passage out of downtown is in Roxbury, at the corner of Centre and Roxbury streets in Eliot Square. Planted into the sidewalk and against the wall of a car repair shop stands the "Parting Stone," erected in 1744 by Paul Dudley, who, according to Stephen Jenkins's 1913 book, The Old Boston Post Road, was then chief justice of the province. The etched words are still clearly visible. The stone marks the division of the post road into two branches: One takes you toward Cambridge and Watertown on the original post road that goes to Worcester. The other branches south toward Dedham and on to Rhode Island (a later strand that reconnected with the original path at New Haven).

The pictured church is the oldest in Roxbury. 

We got up around 0700.We shot in Roxbury. Near at state park there. We also shot in the playground next to the elementary school there. It was a chilly day. Temperature in the 40s. It started raining in the early afternoon. By the time we shot Derek and Gina in the park. It had been raining for a couple of hours. We decided to call it a day.

We knocked off around 1700. We left the site around 1800-1830. Opening Day at Fenway made traffic more of a bitch than usual. It was close to 2000 by the time we got home.

I could not get the JumpShot to read the 64MB CF card. It is the same problem we had the last time we tried to load the images this way. I am not sure what the problem is at this point. I did not get any of the pictures I took yesterday onto the computer. I do not expect it to be a big problem as I have at least 100 shots left. Went to bed around midnight.

We are shooting today at The Modern on Lansdowne. We left the house at around 0530. We arrived at the set at 0600. Steve Fronken, Tara, and Vincent were on set. By 0700, most of the crew were on set doing work for the first couple of scenes to be shot today. We found out that the Red Sox game is not until 1800 tonight. We should definitely be out of here by then.

My NiMh batteries are showing no charge. I do not know how many pictures I will get today. I took the batteries from the 35mm flash. The PDC700 still will not work. It is not a temperature issue since we are inside today. I am not sure what the problem is, but I will definitely have to look into it.

I got some new Duracell AA batteries from Dana. The camera worked fine. I suspect the problem may be the short charging of the batteries.

Ed Howe gave me his business card. He asked that I send him any art department related images. I told him I would take care of it when I get back to Florida. His email address is edhowe@edofilms.com.

I took several pictures from the top of the roof over the 5th floor on Lansdowne with both my 35MM and the PDC700. Dana, Brieana and I drove around the city to get some pictures. We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It took an hour to get in to eat. We got home from dinner around midnight. I went to bed at 0100 or so.

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